My story in 60 seconds

I wrote my first website in 1995 and it was about toast.


That’s right. Toast. The stuff you eat for breakfast or late at night when you’re hunkered down over your laptop and you need something to soak up the wine!

Way back in 1995 when the internet was still in its baby stages – way before selfies, blogs and mass social media we had very basic websites. Lots of them were about cats. Pictures. Big ones. Small ones. Stripy ones. Stories. Musings.

I’ve never been one to conform so I made my site about toast. How to put bread into a toaster. How to press the button. Choosing the right butter. (Salty!).

OK granted, this was not high level stuff – but I loved it and told everyone I knew I’d made a website because I was so proud.

After university I went overseas to work in a huge international corporate environments for many years until the scales fell from my eyes.

I realised I was no longer feeling fulfilled and it just seemed as though I wasn’t making a difference anymore.

I was working crazy hours and heading for a burnout. Fast!

Instead, I was just a tiny cog in a big wheel and all the while super-rich anonymous people got richer.

I quit.

I needed more from my life.

I moved back to my home country and tentatively took new steps.

I set up a new business creating websites for an extremely niche audience and I thought I’d really cracked it in terms of the holy grails of entrepreneurship.

Oh what a fool I was!

I’d fallen into the trap of that oft-repeated mantra “charge what you’re worth”. For me, this meant reverting to type and going back to my corporate daily rate of $1400 a day.

I had a major [lightbulb] moment when I realised I’d left corporate because I made rich people rich… and here I was – designing expensive websites for… rich businesses!

Talk about out of the frying pan and into the fire!

So that’s why I created “Perfected by Alex” so that you can get quality out-of-the-box websites to kick-start your business but without paying corporate prices.

I get a kick out of it too because now I’m helping the ‘little guy’ and those with a fledgling business.


Hit the "Let's Chat" button now to find out how I can help you get a website Perfected by Alex!

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