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FAQ - aka - But What About... ?


Getting Started

What's a domain name - and how do I get one?


What is it?

A domain name (or URL) is the website address. For me it's perfectedbyalex.com - for you it'll be yourbusiness.com (or .co.uk, or .org or .com.au or whatever other extension you want to have.

How do I get one?

I advise you stick to buying one from one of the big national or international names. I've known someone get their fingers burned by buying through a (very) small company who then disappeared off the face of the earth leading them to have terrible problems getting it all sorted out and proving she was who she said she was - i.e., the true owner of the domain name!

It will cost you around $10 for a year for a .com address. Remember to renew this annually because there are professional 'domain name stealers' out there who will buy it (and hold you to ransom!) if you don't renew in time.

Buy your domain name at Go Daddy - a huge, international and trusted brand.

Click here to buy your domain name from Go Daddy


When you buy they're going to try and sell you some add-ons which you just don't need.

You don't need to pay for hosting.

You don't need to pay for mailboxes.

You're going to get hosting and mailboxes from me included in your website price!

The one thing you may wish to consider is buying domain name privacy. Every internet domain name must have a real physical address assigned to it. Now that's absolutely fine if you're Microsoft or Apple. But for most of us solopreneurs, bloggers and small businesses working from home - there's no way you want your home address out there on the big bad web for any ol'  nutjob to find.

I use my office address, but for a low charge of usually less than $10 a year, you can get the privacy option which means that the host itself (Go Daddy) will put their building address down.

It's only a few dollars and well worth protecting your privacy and safety for.

Why do I ask you to register your own domain name?

Your domain name in this digital world is one of your most important business assets. You need it in your name so that you always have complete control. You wouldn't hand the ownership of your business to someone else, so why would you ask someone to look after this incredibly important asset?

When you purchase and own your domain name it removes complications. You are always in control and there are never any issues with regards to who owns it and what you can do with it.

These generally auto-renew annually, so do keep an eye on your renewal date (I'll remind you anyway) so you don't lose it. You'll need to remember which company you bought it from so that you can login to them and pay for next year.

Can I see one of your sites in action?
How do I buy one of your websites?


You can either purchase where you see the "Buy Now" button on the demo pages, or you can go to my Shop page, choose the one you'd like to have and add it to the shopping cart.


What happens after I've paid?

Once I've received your payment I'll send you a questionnaire (don't worry, nothing scary!) asking a few details about your site such as the format you'd like (www.yourbusiness.com or yourbusiness.com), the 2 email addresses you'd like me to set up, which demo you'd like to use and a few other details.

I'll then let you know what you can expect from me and all you need to do is sit back and relax. Well... that's not strictly true! What you need to do whilst I'm beavering away with the tech stuff is choose your photos, get your logo sorted out (if you haven't already!) and create your copy (your clever words). You can get my free cheat sheet on what exactly you need to do in the next 7 days to get your content 100% perfect - just click here to access it now.

How long will it take?

From the moment you pay me, your site will be delivered within a maximum of 5 working days so you can really get your business up and running and make some dough!

*If you need a faster turnaround, give me a holler asap and for a supplementary charge of just $99 this can be arranged.

Will my site work on my phone or tablet?

Yes! All my sites are designed to be completely compatible with your laptop, your tablet and your phone. No more embarrassment when telling your clients "oh, it looks much better on my laptop - check it out when you're back at the office".

What does the maintenance include?

I know that when you're getting your fledgling business off the ground and life is throwing 1000 other things at you that this is not the best time to be learning about maintenance.

That's why I give you 12 months full maintenance which includes:

  • Daily backups
  • Security monitoring
  • WordPress Core & Theme Updates
  • Major plugin updates
  • 24/7 Up-time monitoring

After the 12 months complimentary maintenance package is up, you can either choose to take over the maintenance yourself or ask me to keep on doing it for you.

Huh? Is this still WordPress?

Yes! Your website is built on the Divi (one of the top-selling WordPress themes of ALL TIME!) backbone and runs on WordPress.

That means you get chateaubriand quality at Wendy's prices.

Customising your new site

Help! I don't even know where to start

That's OK - it's a huge amount of information to be thinking about when creating your new business website.

That's why I've put together this 7 day zero-to-hero website challenge which you can download by clicking HERE.

Can I change the colours to be my brand colours?

Yes, absolutely!

The website you buy is a jumping off point template and you can easily update the entire theme's default colour scheme to reflect your brand colours.

How hard will it be for me to change the text & pictures?

I always tell people that if you can write a Word document then you can update your own website.

All my sites come with a clickable interface which means you click on the bit of the page you want to change and edit it there and then.

It really is that simple!

Can I use the pictures already in the template?

Sure, go ahead!

All the pictures in the templates come from pixabay.com and are free to download. The personalised graphics were created by me and therefore you have full rights to use them.

If you want to create your own fun graphics and social media images then I thoroughly recommend Designsta which is a design platform filled with professional templates you can make your own. I describe it as being like Canva on steroids!

*Affiliate Link

What if I get stuck?

When your website goes live and I hand it over to you - you'll get access to my private Facebook group where you'll always have access to me so you can pick my brains!

In addition to that you can come talk to my live on my exclusive "mi casa es su casa" monthly date where I'm live and we can talk 1-to-1 to thrash out any problems you're having.

How do I connect my social media profiles to my new site?

Plug & play.

Really! You just copy & paste your social media profiles into the back end of the website and you're live!

What about newsletter sign-ups?

All my websites connect to all the major email autoresponders and it's super-easy to connect your email provider to your new website so you can start collecting leads from Day 1.

The opt-in forms are totally customisable so you can work your brand to the max!

Can I sell stuff on my site?


Yes you can.

Your out of the box site comes with WooCommerce installed ready for you to sell your own products or services.

To take payments online you will need to connect your Paypal (or other provider) account.


How do I connect my Google Analytics account?

Just paste your code snippet copied from your Google Analytics admin dashboard into the Dashboard.


If you haven't already heard of SEO then it stands for Search Engine Optimisation - and in a nutshell is means "please Google, love me, love me, say that you need me".

You don't need to worry about any of that technical stuff or any steep learning curve.

All my sites are built to Google best practices from a technical point of view and pre-installed with Yoast SEO which is a plug & play piece of software where you tap in the keywords/excerpts you want Google to pick up on to help you get high up in the search results.

Every time you update your site or post a new blog - your website is going to tell Google you've made some changes - Google comes to you - not you chasing after them!

Can I add my own plugins?


At handover you will receive your personal admin login credentials for your site so that you can add new bits and bobs until your heart's content!

*Note, I won't update the plugins you choose to install yourself - but you'll get daily back-ups so if it all goes to hell in a handcart we can roll it back!

Anything else?

Dude! Some of your spelling is weird

Yeh. I get that. I'm British. I like queuing and I drive on the left. I don't know the Queen personally and I don't drink tea because it's vile.

Did I miss something?

Hit me up either directly at alex@perfectedbyalex.com or pop your question into the form at the top of this page and tell me what I've done wrong. I'll read your message, have a little squirm and maybe blush with embarrassment - but I promise I'll get right back to you and help you out.

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