Let Me be Your Techy Nerd!

Let’s make you some money!


You want an all singin’, all dancin’ website and your website is an integral part of your online business – it’s your instant selling machine.


Trouble is, tech stuff never was your zone of genius and you just don’t know where to start and if you’re completely honest, you’ve got better things to do than learn all that techy stuff!


I get that too. But that’s OK because yoga, life coaching, make-up tutorials and travel blogging aren’t mine. The bathroom is an integral part of my house. But if something goes wrong believe me I’m not going to be whipping out plumbing books, buying kit or teaching myself from Google!


I’m a nerd.


If your website looks a little hooky then you know you’re not serving your audience. People are fickle and when they see an amateur looking website they run for the hills!


They think your information is second-rate. They think it’s a scam.


You’re embarrassed to share your site with clients because you look like you don’t know what you’re doing.


Your competitors are smug in the knowledge you’re not yet earning enough to commission a quality website and you always feel like you’re playing catch-up and not living up to your full potential because the face of your online business lets you down.


That’s why an out-of-the-box website works for you. You don’t need to fiddle with tech (I do that for you for a full 12 months!) and if you can write an email – well you sure as heck can fill in the text gaps on your new site!


There are no secret codes – us techy people don’t do secret handshakes or attend secret meetings in a cabin in the woods.


We just get the techy stuff. That’s all.


With a professional grade website with seamless hosting, dedicated email addresses and ready-to-go sales pages, opt-in templates and e-commerce you’ll be a real player ready to take on the online world.


You get a beautiful, slick website you can enhance with a dollop of your natural genius to get your message out there to your audience.


Your customers focus on your purpose and offerings instead of thinking you’re cheap or scammy.


You can finally put all those tech worries behind you and can concentrate on growing your business and serving your clients instead.


The process is really simple. All I ask is that you purchase your own domain name* (the website address) and I take care of all the rest so you can get to work on building your business… not a website! If you’re not sure how to get your own domain name then you can check it out on the FAQ here.


*I ask you to do this because it’s such an integral part of your business it would just be crazy to have me “own” it. This would be like you buying a brick & mortar shop and putting the ownership in someone else’s name! 

Getting To Know You Call



Let’s have a quick chat about what’s been bothering you with the whole tech aspect of getting your business online and see if we can discover a better solution.

We’ll have a free no-obligation chat so we can get to know each other better and determine whether we would be a good fit working together and how I could help you.

In this session I will ask you some questions about your business idea, growth possibilities and ambitions. This helps me better understand how I can serve you if we choose to work together.


[FREE] Discover Your Profitable Niche Workbook

Your Out-of-the-box Website

Home Page

About Me Page

Services Page

Gallery Page

Recommended Resources Page

Blog With Demo Posts

Shop Page With Demo Products

Contact Page

Landing Page For Freebie Download

Landing Page For Webinar

Privacy Policy Page

Terms & Conditions Page

Social Media Integrations Ready To Go!

Email Integration Ready To Go!

Sales Funnel Ready To Go!

Behind The Scenes Techy Stuff

Done For You WordPress Installation

Done For You Hosting 

Done For You Divi Template Installed

Done For You Essential plugins installed

All hosting & licenses totally free for 12 months!

Daily Back-ups (in case there’s a boo-boo)

24/7 Security Monitoring

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

Done For You WordPress, Theme & Plugin updates

Techy Performance Checks

Phew! What else then?

Well I'm not going to leave you hanging. You're here because you needed a fast solution and you're not a techie.

So to help you personalise your new website by uploading your personal images, your logo, your own text & products - I'm here every step of the way.

You'll get access to my secret FB group where you can pick my techy brain and my personal guarantee is that no question is too small or too daft!

You will also get to talk to me live and thrash out any problems you're having with my exclusive "mi casa es su casa" day which I hold once a month where we are literally on the phone getting it done!

[FREE] Discover Your Profitable Niche Workbook

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