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If you’ve got a business idea fizzing in your brain then I’m guessing you want to get started. Not spend a week figuring out how to install WordPress. 

This simple Zero to Hero 7 Day Guide gives you the essential first week steps which take you from NO WEBSITE to SELLING MACHINE 

Website Launch Checklist

OK… you’re *this* close to hitting launch but if there are a few niggling doubts about whether you’ve got all your bases covered or not – this freebie checklist will make it clear what you need to do!

Desktop Wallpaper

For all those days when everything is going wrong – it’s time to put your face on and get stuck in!

Personal Recommendations of Tech Tools for Female Entrepreneurs

I’ve looked at and worked with a ton of tools. Some are great. Some are not great. But how do you know what’s good and what’s not? What’s worth every single penny and what is a big ol’ cash drain?

The tools I recommend on this page are the ones I use myself and so I know they work for solopreneurs and small businesses.

No faff. No fuffle and no trying to sell you a $99/month package you really don’t need right now!


Laura over at Worditude has a knack of drawing your story out of you and helping you get copy which converts – and doesn’t sound drier than a camel’s armpit!

Before I worked with Laura I sounded like just another corporate drone – but she’s helped me bring my own voice to my business and write fluid and easy copy without shedding tears.

When you buy one of my websites you automatically get a free voucher (worth $27) to spend over at Laura’s site. This would be perfect for her Ultimate Website Content Planner or you could use it towards another product if you prefer.


This is the cornerstone of your online business. It does everything and I really couldn’t live without the automation. Not only does it handle all the emails/contracts and handover documents for me, but I can also put the (seemingly endless!) list of tasks I need to complete for your website build in it – which means I never miss a step in the process.

It sends invoices. It collects payments. It talks to you bank. It automates client intakes, questionnaires, emails, receipts, contracts and electronic signing of documents – and a whole heap more.


Designsta is what Canva wishes it were…

With beautiful graphics (as seen all over my site) – it gives the ability to produce high quality vector images for websites and social media. But what really makes it stand out from the rest is the ability to produce branded workbooks and templates for your clients.


If you’re going to make use of YouTube then this is a must!

It guides you through all the essential steps you need to take to ensure your video will be highly visible, you can edit your stills, make headers, sub-titles and everything you need to style a great video which gets traction.

The above links are affiliate links and this means that if you click on them and you decide you’d like to buy one of them, I may get a small amount of money – but it won’t cost you a single penny. I guess it’s kind of like when you get a broker to sort out your insurance or mortgage. 

I wouldn’t recommend any of these unless I was raving fan myself – and yes, I use these all the time and pay for them. That’s how good they are!

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